Diesel TEK - A Clean Engine Operates At Peak Performance

Diesel TEK™, Inc.

An environmental company dedicated to improving air quality by providing advanced technology products to improve the efficiencies of diesel engines, especially in the heavy-duty transportation industry.

Through our proprietary technology we severely reduce diesel particulates (soot & smoke) while providing the diesel operators with enhanced performance and cost savings through increased fuel economy, reduced maintenance expense, and extend engine life.

70% of the nation's goods are transported in diesel-powered vehicles, making it America's primary commercial fuel. Diesel engines power everything from cargo ships, locomotives and delivery trucks to the refrigeration units on trailers and containers. There is no alternative in the market for diesel engines. No matter where one lives, no one is far from America's 13 million diesels and their toxic exhaust. New engine standards go into effect over the next 20 years, but today's diesels lack stringent emission controls requirements, leave behind a legacy of hazardous emissions.

Diesel TEK™ has completed 4 years of product development and market research. The Diesel TEK™ system consists of 2 independent components, the Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service and the Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive, that synergistically reduce diesel emissions while increasing the performance and profitability of engine operation. Diesel TEK™ allows diesel operators to save money while cleaning up the environment.