Diesel TEK - A Clean Engine Operates At Peak Performance

Executive Team

Eric Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Eric Wheeler,
          CEO, COB Mr. Wheeler is the founder of Diesel TEK.™  He has over 20 years of experience working in the emission reduction and environmental fields as they relate to gasoline and diesel engines.  He directed new product development at EnviroFuel, Inc. and caused EnviroFuel products to be adopted by the Port Of Oakland in their clean air initiatives, he further served as an advisor to the Board of Directors of (ATG) American Technologies Group Inc., a publicly traded environmental company.  At ATG, Mr. Wheeler stepped in as Vice President of Sales and reported directly to Mr. Lawrence J. Brady, CEO, & Chairman of the Board, who is the former United States Secretary of Commerce.

Mr. Wheeler has over 20 years of executive experience running and managing sales and administrative personnel in both private and public companies.  He also has an extensive automotive background with General Motors, Allen Test Products and Hunter Wheel Alignment corporations.

Mr. Wheeler serves on the Board of Directors of Moto Cycle Corp., a new motorcycle company with exclusive NASCAR and college licenses for its motorcycles, helmets and apparel lines.  Mr. Wheeler is an experienced welder and has built racecars and racing motorcycles from the ground up.

William C. Moon, Chief Financial Officer

          Bill Moon, CFO Mr. Moon has over 30 years of experience in financial administration and financial analysis.  Mr. Moon’s work experience includes public, private and non-profit organizations.  He holds his MBA from Stanford University and achieved his CFA certification in 1995.  Prior to joining Diesel TEK™, Mr. Moon served as CFO for an Internet incubator group and was a senior executive in 2 new business start ups that began on the Internet and moved offline, increasing sales from startup to $25 million in four years.  Mr. Moon is a professional market research analyst for venture and market investments.  He worked with Ken Gerbino & Company, a money management company in Beverly Hills where he was leading gold and precious metals market analyst responsible for investments in the Pacific Rim and the U.S. equity markets.

Todd Butts, Chief Technical Officer and Director

Mr. Todd Butts, CTO, Director Mr. Butts is the co-founder of Diesel TEK™.  He is a retired Major from the United States Army.  He has 27 years of experience as a master mechanic in both diesel and aviation applications.  He has 15 years of experience in US Army fleet management operations covering all vehicles from Hummers to M-1 Tanks.  Mr. Butts has owned JMS Dyno Service since 2000.  He is a licensed pilot for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  Mr. Butts is an expert in evaluating and designing engine oil, fuel and filter-related products.