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E-Trucker (Online Magazine)

Engine Flush Service and Fuel Additive

Diesel TEK Engine Flush Service and Diesel TEK Fuel Additive are the two parts of the maintenance program offered by Diesel TEK as a cost-effective solution to increase mileage and lengthen the life of truck engines, even in the face of soaring fuel costs, the company says. The one-two punch of the engine flush plus the fuel additives means better mileage, more power and years of life added to a truck.

The engine flush service removes the diesel particulate matter to improve engine efficiency and reduce wear and tear. It’s now available at an ever-growing number of service centers across the nation.

Heated lubricating oil containing concentrated detergents is pumped through the engine, running out through an oil pan plug adapter and then through two 3-micron filters. The fuel additive causes the fuel to burn longer and cleaner, and adds lubrication.

With the degree of clean-up obtained from a process like this, another benefit is the reduction of emissions.

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