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Demonstration and Opacity Test Report
September 2007

2005 Freightliner FL 70

Diesel TEK™, Inc. Demonstration

Diesel TEK™, Inc. in conjunction with Pacific Southwestern Sales, Inc. was invited by key Executives at Los Angeles Freightliner to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Diesel TEK™ diesel service program.

LA Freightliner provided a truck from its rental fleet:

Truck: 2005 Freightliner FL 70 Series Chassis

Engine: 225 Cummins Diesel

Mileage: 181,574

Operating Condition: Excellent, per interviewing the service technicians employed by this dealership. "This truck has been over serviced as it is a rental, it has had more oil changes than a normal in use vehicle, this truck is normally serviced at 10,000 miles, but if it comes back with 6 or 7 thousand miles, we service it anyway, as we don't know how long it will be out in the field on the next rental contract".

This test vehicle has been used within the State of California and has been run on Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel for its entire service life. This truck is equipped with all of the required emission control device(s) for a 2005 model year vehicle that is operated within the State of California.

All emission control devices are deemed to be operating at the prescribed method of operation by the manufacturer and according to Federal, State and Local regulatory agencies.

Note: Los Angeles Freightliner employs over 100 service technicians and per its marketing materials found at www.lafreightliner.com is the largest Freightliner dealer network found on the West coast of the United States.

Los Angeles Freightliner is also recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The California Air Resource Board (CARB) as a provider for the current California J1667 SAE* snap idle test, also referred to as a "smoke test" or an "opacity test".

*SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers www.sae.org

Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service
Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service

The Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service

The Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service uses highly concentrated detergents that are commonly found in high quality motor oils. This light lubricating oil and concentrated detergent cleans out carbon, soot, wear metals, contaminated old oil, sludge and a host of other buildups inside diesel engines. Thus it removes the particulate matter that can be emitted into the environment. At the same time, it improves the engine's efficiency and reduces wear and tear, thus reducing maintenance costs, gaining wide scale acceptability by diesel maintenance service providers.

The Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive utilizes a proprietary nanotechnology process that dramatically improves combustion efficiency when introduced into diesel and other internal combustion engines. It is a non-petrochemical non-hazardous environmentally-friendly fuel additive that can be applied to the fuel for cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, motorcycles, snowmobiles, furnaces and more. On current testing, diesel customers have achieved a 5% to 19% increase in fuel mileage, and more than a 30% reduction in tracked emissions.

When Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive is added to diesel fuel, there is a measurable improvement in engine performance due to an increase in the amount of oxygen available to be combusted. This additional oxygen ignites sooner, thus increasing the length of the burn period, resulting in a measurable increase in power and an overall reduction in emission output.

This picture shows what is removed from a from a diesel engine using the Diesel TEK™ technology. Todd is holding a filter from our engine flush equipment after it has been used.

Notice filter and filter housing are solid black after the Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service has been performed
Notice filter and filter housing are solid black after the Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service has been performed.

Demonstration Outline:

The FL 70 test truck was brought up to operating temperature as prescribed by the SAE J1667 snap idle test protocol.

The LA Freightliner technician utilized a Wager model 6500 EPA, SAE, CARB certified and approved testing device equipped with a laser module for inserting into the exhaust of the test vehicle, the average opacity reading was 2.6. (Please see result printouts following).

All present agreed at this time that this was indeed a very clean truck well within the Federal, State and local Government requirements for a 2005 model year vehicle.

The LA Freightliner technicians drained all of the engine oil from the crankcase. They hooked up our engine flush service equipment per our instructions. Total hook up time and performance of our service took 23 minutes. A total of ten ounces of proprietary Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive (5 ounces in each tank) was added at this time.

Fuel Additive Treat Rate: 1 ounce per 33 gallons of diesel fuel.

Upon completion of our Diesel TEK™ service the technician installed a new engine oil filter and the engine was filled with the specified amount of approved engine oil.

The LA Freightliner technician performed all of the necessary inspections normally done when performing an oil change and proceeded to drive the truck for approximately 15 minutes to bring the vehicle up to operating temperature per the SAE J1667 test protocol.


  • Upon return the technician pulled the dipstick and verbally stated that the engine oil was clean. He further mentioned never seeing this before on any diesel engine that he had serviced in the past. "Normally the oil is black right after we service them".

  • With the truck at the prescribed operating temperature, the technician performed a second test with the same Wager model 6500 opacity test meter.

  • The results were astounding: The second test concluded with a result of 1.9 this represents a 25% reduction in opacity from this notably clean vehicle.

  • Our products produce more dramatic results in older legacy trucks!

District 9, the Los Angeles basin, has the worst air quality in the nation and will remain in a non-attainment status through 2021. 2,400 premature deaths annually are attributed to PM 2.5, PM 10, Oxides of Nitrogen and other cancer-causing compounds from diesel smoke. Source: Director Public Relations & Legislative Affairs, The Port of Los Angeles.

Notice dipstick is clear after demonstration of Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service
Notice dipstick is clear after demonstration of Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service.

  • Test Ticket Results

Model 6500

Record Number #1077
Time 03:22 pm
Date 09-06-07
Stack Size 4.0
HP Rate 200 to 300

Test1 3.4
Test2 2.2
Test3 2.3
Average 2.6
Spread 1.2

Please help us help you in doing your part to reduce emissions and increase the use of our natural resources.

Model 6500

Record Number #1078
Time 05:06 pm
Date 09-06-07
Stack Size 4.0
HP Rate 200 to 300

Test1 1.5
Test2 2.5
Test3 1.7
Average 1.9
Spread 1.0


With the present and increasingly stringent Federal and Regional regulations during the next couple of decades, we have a valuable, economically viable solution to the environmental demands being placed on industry.

Our products are simple and cost-effective for an already working system. They will lower industry costs while helping everyone reduce emissions and create a cleaner environment.

Lower emissions promote better health. Our program reduces black soot, PM10, and PM2.5 also known as opacity. Diesel smoke contains cancer-causing compounds and also affects our waterways. Study after study link this harmful substance to loss of life; missed days of work, asthma and other health related issues. Other studies and a common sense outlook show that an improvement in opacity will increase fuel mileage thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Additional information is available upon request by contacting Diesel TEK™ at: (702) 870-1600 or (888) 406-5558 Direct, or Click Here.