Diesel TEK - A Clean Engine Operates At Peak Performance

The Diesel TEK™ System

Diesel TEK™ offers the cost-effective solution the problems caused from diesel emissions.

Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service

Diesel TEK™ CL-8 Engine Flush Machine

The Diesel TEK™ Engine Flush Service uses concentrated detergents found in high quality motor oil. The system connects to the oil filter housing and back flushes the heated detergent solution through the engine and oil galleys and evacuating the solution through a special adapter in the oil pan drain plug. It cleans out carbon, soot and sludge buildup inside diesel engines. Thus it removes the particulate matter that is emitted into the environment. At the same time, it improves the engines efficiency and reduces wear and tear, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Initial testing of the Diesel TEK Engine Flush System at California Environmental Engineering Laboratories in Santa Ana, California, which is an EPA & California Air Resource Board certified laboratory, was completed in February, 2009 on a 1991 400hp Detroit Series 60 diesel engine.

After completing the Diesel TEK Engine Flush on the engine, the emissions test showed the following results:

Total Hydrocarbons-16%
Carbon Monoxide-53%
Particulate Matter-65%
Fuel Economy+2%

The reduction of Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter coupled with the increase in fuel efficiency indicates that the clean engine is able to operate at a higher efficiency resulting in more complete combustion of the fuel.  On-road testing supports this theory as drivers regularly report that the oil pressure is higher and the engine runs cooler after being flushed.

Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive

Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive utilizes a proprietary process that dramatically improves combustion efficiency when introduced into diesel engines. It is a non-petrochemical, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly fuel additive. It can be applied to the fuel for diesel cars, trucks, ships, generators, furnaces and more.

When combined with diesel fuel the Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive successfully reduces pollutants, increases fuel efficiency and provides a beneficial lubricating quality. The Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive works with the molecular structure of the diesel fuel resulting in an increase in the amount of oxygen available to be combusted. This additional oxygen ignites sooner, increasing the length of the burn period. This additional burn causes a greater amount of heat to be released within the combustion process resulting in a measurable increase in power.

          TEK™ Fuel Additive

The specially designed esters in the Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive add cleaning and lubricating properties to the fuel. These properties make engines run smoother, cooler and cleaner. Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive improves the quality of fuels such as diesel, ethanol, CNG or bio-diesel. Only the elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are used and are 99.9% clean upon ignition, ashless upon combustion and free of carcinogenic compounds.

The results of using the Diesel TEK™ Fuel Additive have been proven through countless hours of on the road testing over the last decade. On current testing, diesel customers have achieved a 5% to 19% increase in fuel mileage, and more than a 30% reduction in specific tracked emissions.

Synergistic Effect

These technologies are designed to work synergistically to achieve maximum diesel exhaust emission reduction and maximum engine power, performance and fuel mileage.

The Diesel TEK&trade Engine Flush System keeps the engine clean of accumulated debris and contaminates that interfere with engine performance and efficiency.

The Diesel TEK&trade Fuel Additive, while increasing engine lubrication, reduces the amount of emission particles through a more complete fuel burn during the combustion process, which increases engine power and efficiency and lowering the amount of emission particles.